Journal of Inquiry Based Activities

The Journal of Inquiry Based Activities (JIBA) is a refereed academic journal publishing articles that involve early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary school level classroom activities designed and implemented by academicians or teachers. JIBA is published semi-annually in April and October. We accept scholarly written manuscripts in English and Turkish.

It is our hope that JIBA will contribute to the application of learner-centered teaching approaches and standards-based education programs (curricula) in a way that will deepen students' conceptual understanding by providing an online platform for educators to discuss educational issues and share resources.

Vol 7, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Mathematics Education

Yeliz Bolat

Science Education

Leyla Ayverdi, Serap Öz Aydın
Nermin Bulunuz, Mızrap Bulunuz

Social Sciences Education

Filiz Zayimoğlu Öztürk

Special Education

Betül Okcu, Mustafa Sözbilir