Building Three-Dimensional Geometric Solid Models Through Demonstration-Performance Method

Yeliz Bolat


In this study, an activity was designed to teach the third grade content standard "identifies the surfaces, vertices, and edges of cubes, square prisms, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, cylinders, cones and sphere models" within the "Faces and Surfaces of Geometric Objects" topic. The activity aimed to support active learning by having students construct models of cube, square prism, rectangular prism, triangular prism, cylinder, cones and sphere. The learning-teaching process was based on active learning and demonstration-performance. The activity was carried out with 22 students. It was observed that the students enjoyed their time in the activity process. All the students managed to build at least two models.The level of students’ achievement of the purpose of the activity was assessed through the “Checklist for Level Identification." The assessment revealed that all students performed at a "good" level.


geometric solids; active learning; demonstration-performance method

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