A Natural Selection Activity to Mobilize Scientific Creativity: Clippy Island

Leyla Ayverdi, Serap Öz Aydın


Scientific creativity contains new concepts and linkage between them and products that emerge at the end of these processes by considering scientific knowledge and skills peculiar to scientific creativity. Scientific creativity is necessary to do inventions to meet the needs of humans and to solve problems encountered. Scientific creativity is an ability that can be improved and is important for solving complex problems. There is a need for activities which can be performed in classroom environment to improve students’ scientific creativities. Purpose of this study is to present an application, designed based on 5E model of constructivism, to activate scientific creativities of 8th grade students related to Natural Selection sub-topic in Cell Division and Heredity unit and Adaptation and Evolution topic. Student and teacher opinions were collected after implementation of the activity. Data analysis revealed that activities like this one can improve students’ scientific creativity and can promote scientific literacy.


scientific creativity; cell division and heredity unit; natural selection

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