Concept Cartoon Samples Integrated into Problem Based Learning in a Science Course

Sevinç Kaçar, Ümmühan Ormancı, Erkan Özcan, Ali Günay Balım


This study aimed to present a module related to the use of concept cartoons integrated into problem-based learning (PBL) method in science lessons. As part of the study, concept cartoons were developed based on scenarios dealing with daily life situations. A module was designed using these concept cartoons. The module focused on the topic “heat insulation” under the unit “matter and heat” in the 6th grade science curriculum and was implemented in 9 different classrooms at 9 different schools. Semi-structured interview technique was used to learn the students’ (n=27) views about the module. The students explained that they learned the subject of heat insulation in a meaningful way, remembered their previous knowledge through the activities, could associate the science topics with daily life more easily, and that their interest in the lesson increased.


Science courses; problem based learning; concept cartoons.

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