A Contextualized Nature of Science Classroom Activity: Junk Food!

Ferah Özer, Nihal Doğan, Gültekin Çakmakçı, Serhat İrez, Yalçın Yalaki


In the current study, contextualized and explicit-reflective approach enriched, content specific nature of science activities were developed during a teacher professional development project. Developed activities were implemented by teachers and restructured via the feedback received during the professional development sessions and online platforms. After the reconstruction of the activities, they were made available for use by science teachers.  In this study, it was aimed to provide information about the development process and application examples of one of the activities developed for 7th graders, which can also be used with 5th graders. To this end, it was emphasized how important it is to create awareness among students about obesity, which is one of the most important health problems of our time. Moreover, it was recommended for teachers to make their own decisions and to have an auto-control mechanism in the process of classroom activity development and implementation.


nature of science (NOS), contextualized activities, obesity, balanced-healthy diet

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