A Science Module Designed Based on the ASSURE Model: Potential Energy


  • Zafer Batır
  • Özlem Sadi


ASSURE model, science education, potential energy


The purpose of this study is to introduce a science module that was designed based on the ASSURE model and to present its implementation process. The study was conducted with the participation of 21 students attending a private school during the 2020-2021 academic year. The instructional plan focused on the concept of “Relationship between Force, Work, and Energy” in the 7th-grade science curriculum. The module was used in the online live lessons during distance education. The science activities, which were designed by following the phases of the ASSURE model, were implemented in 4 lessons. The students’ reflections on the module were received at the end of the study and were analyzed. The data analysis showed that the designed module might effectively support the learning process of the concepts of potential energy, gravitational potential energy, and the effects of mass and height on gravitational potential energy.  



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Batır, Z., & Sadi, Özlem. (2021). A Science Module Designed Based on the ASSURE Model: Potential Energy. Journal of Inquiry Based Activities, 11(2), 111–124. Retrieved from https://ated.info.tr/ojs-3.2.1-3/index.php/ated/article/view/104



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