A Role Model Study for Students with Special Needs


  • Seval Özbalcı
  • Özge Balık
  • Turan Gündüz


children with special needs, regional development, inclusive education, hair care and beauty, vocational training


This study introduces an activity to increase the employment opportunities of students with special needs in line with the sustainable development goals provided by the United Nations and the priorities of the World Economic Forum on social mobility and inclusive education. The participants (n=62) consisted of parents of students with special needs, senior undergraduate students as role models, beauticians, and educators. A qualitative research method was employed to collect and analyze data. Data were collected through researcher notes and semi-structured interview questions.  The participants' responses were audio recorded. Data analysis revealed that half of the 16 students with special needs who participated in the activity developed an interest in the profession of the role model who took care of them and showed entrepreneurial skills to receive on-the-job training suitable for their needs.



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Özbalcı, S., Balık, Özge, & Gündüz, T. (2021). A Role Model Study for Students with Special Needs. Journal of Inquiry Based Activities, 11(2), 137–147. Retrieved from https://ated.info.tr/ojs-3.2.1-3/index.php/ated/article/view/114



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