Black Friday Discounts: Percentage Calculation Activities


  • Mihriban Hacısalihoğlu Karadeniz
  • Ahmet Karahan


Black Friday, percentage, realistic mathematics education


This paper introduces a percentage activity based on the context of “Black Friday” discounts. The aim
of the study was to reveal the existing and new conceptions of the 7th grade students regarding the
topic of percentage calculation. The activity was designed considering the students’ prior knowledge
in the concept of “Ratio and Proportion” as well as in “Percentages.” The participants of the study
were 17 seventh grade students attending a state middle school in a province in the Eastern Black Sea
region of Turkey during the academic year 2019-2020. The data were collected using a worksheet
created by the researchers based on the realistic mathematics education framework. After
implementing the activity, a form was completed by the students to find out their views on the activity.
As the present study reveals the students’ conceptions and mistakes, it offers suggestions for future
implementation and development to researchers and teachers.



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Hacısalihoğlu Karadeniz, M. ., & Karahan, A. . (2020). Black Friday Discounts: Percentage Calculation Activities. Journal of Inquiry Based Activities, 10(2), 83–99. Retrieved from



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