Mathematics and Music Relationship: From Notes to Fractions


  • Selin Işıtan Işıtan
  • Mevlüde Doğan


adding fractions, subtracting fractions, music, interdisciplinary education


This study aimed to enrich the learning environment of the 5th grade students with the interdisciplinary
activities designed by connecting mathematics and music. The activities integrated the concepts of
music such as note, beat, and measure with the concept of fractions in mathematics to ensure active
participation of students and to promote meaningful learning. These activities were implemented for 6
lesson hours with 23 fifth grade students attending a middle school in Turkey. Throughout the teaching
process, students were asked to represent note durations with fractions, to create measures with certain
requirements, and to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with like or unlike
denominators. The students were able to solve the questions on the activity sheet by combining the
knowledge of mathematics and music. This teaching experience indicates that the activities prepared in
accordance with the interdisciplinary approach might contribute to students’ conceptual learning of



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