Time Capsule Application in Social Studies Course


  • Filiz Zayimoğlu Öztürk


social studies, time-contiunity-change learning strand, time capsule


In this study, an activity has been implemented towards “time, continuity and change” learning strand
of the 5th grade social studies curriculum. The first level of the activity was done in November 2015
and the second level of the activity was done in December 2016. The activity was implemented at a
secondary school in Ordu. This activity aimed to help students see the change and development of
themselves and their friends in social fields, environment, country and world. Accordingly, using the
material list that was prepared with the students, a time capsule was prepared, sealed and hid to reopen
one year later. The time capsule helped students recognize physical changes in them through a
hand print on a paper. Besides, the students understood that their social environment and taste of lives
changed dramatically. They noted the changes in our country with the help of economy section of the



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