Prediction-Observation-Explanation Activities for Teaching Open-Air Pressure


  • Alper Sadıç


science education, POE strategy, open-air pressure


This study aimed to provide examples of experimental activities that can be used according to the
strategy of POE (Prediction-Observation-Explanation) for teaching open-air pressure subject included
in the middle school curriculum. The activities aimed to help students concretize an abstract subject,
open-air pressure with experimental POE activities. The study is substantiated with the experimental
activities related to the strategy of POE and worksheets that are developed by the researcher at a
middle school which has lower socio-economic level students with the attending of 28 7th grade
students. The study is completed in four class hours with four experimental activities and worksheets
at both class levels. After the application, the students were able to answer the questions from the
worksheets at a scientifically acceptable level and this implies that in students’ minds the abstract
concept of open-air pressure became more concrete.



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