Examining Quadrilaterals by Paper Folding


  • Asuman Duatepe-Paksu


paper folding, quadrilaterals, classifying quadrilaterals, symmetry


The activity explained in this article was used to examine quadrilaterals by using paper folding. This
method, facilitating the investigation of quadrilaterals with the perspective of symmetry, is both easy
to use and economical. Moreover it has a potential to provide meaningful understanding for attributes
of quadrilaterals without using measuring instruments such as protractor and ruler. In addition to the
expectations regarding quadrilaterals, this activity addresses mathematical abilities such as
communication, connection and reasoning; and affective and psychomotor abilities. The activities
were implemented with eighth grade students at a public middle school. Students used paper folding to
investigate quadrilaterals from the perspective of symmetry. Students’ explanations imply that paper
folding, as a visual proof, supported meaningful learning.



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