Protect the Environment, Take Your Breath


  • Sabriye Şener
  • Ayten Çokçalışkan


Environmental education, a theme-based teaching, environmental issues


This activity was carried out at a state school in Muğla. In total, 14 seventh grade students (including 6 males, 8 females), with an average age of 13, participated in the activity. It took two class hours to complete the whole activity. The aim of the study was to make the students be aware of environmental issues, understand the environment and its problems related to human beings, and the precautions to be taken related to environmental issues. The activity was parallel with the topical content of the subject areas in the curriculum of the Turkish Ministry of National Education. A theme-based syllabus for a lesson was designed for the students by the researchers. At the end of the study, it was observed that students were aware of the environmental issues, global warming, and pollution. The output of this study was a poster and a campaign for recycling and energy saving.




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