Turkish Women in the History and the Firsts


  • Muhammet Avaroğulları
  • Zülfü Çapar


teaching biographies, educational games, Turkish women, Marzano’s teaching vocabulary technique


This activity has been prepared for the acquisition of “He /she interprets the examples related to status of Turkish women in history with regard to development of women’s rights” which takes place in 6th unit of 6th grade social studies course. In the activity biographies of Turkish women who are the first of their areas has been introduced basically. In order to teach these biographies an academic vocabulary teaching technique called “ A Six Step Process for Teaching Vocabulary” developed by Marzanohas been adapted. At the end of the course a game has been played in order to both reinforce and assess the learning. It has been observed that students had fun during the activity and participated actively. Answers they provide during the game activity also demonstrated that they have learned lives of these women and their importance for the development of Women’s rights.



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Avaroğulları, M. ., & Çapar, Z. (2016). Turkish Women in the History and the Firsts. Journal of Inquiry Based Activities, 6(1), 27–49. Retrieved from https://ated.info.tr/ojs-3.2.1-3/index.php/ated/article/view/52



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