A Game Activity for Improving Vocabulary: Design, Learn, Reinforce


  • Ozan Alevli


teaching vocabulary, educational games, proverb, idiom


The purpose of this study is to share the design, implementation, and evaluation processes regarding an
activity implemented for improving the vocabulary of 4th grade students, and to determine the opinions
of the students about the activity. The activity serves to the purpose of learning the new words and
phrases meaningfully through active participation. Teaching words with different semantic properties
supports conceptual learning. Therefore, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and proverbs were selected
specifically. Afterwards, a game was designed, tested, and revised by the students. At the end of the
game activity, all students expressed their positive opinions about the game and were eager to learn
new words. Students emphasized that they had fun during the activity, participated actively, and found
it exciting to create their games. According to these results, this game can be used in language lessons
for enriching the content as well as the processes and products.



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