Translating from Map to Line Graph


  • Hanife Yabanlı
  • Bakiye Yıldırım
  • Özlem Günaydın


line graphs, multiple representations, graph sense


Line graphs are one of the difficult graph types that students struggle to conceptualize. Beyond mechanical graph construction tasks, teachers should implement activities that help students make sense of line graphs and make connections between line graphs and other types of representations such as tables, words, etc. This article involves a line graph activity that was implemented with fifth grade elementary school students. The activity aims to help students translate multiple representations to each other. Another goal was to promote students’ understanding of line graphs by using real world context and answering questions that require reasoning. In the article, we share students’ responses to the questions posed in the activity worksheet and make suggestions for teachers who would like to implement the activity in their classes.



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Yabanlı, H., Yıldırım, B., & Günaydın, Özlem. (2013). Translating from Map to Line Graph. Journal of Inquiry Based Activities, 3(1), 12–19. Retrieved from



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