Respect for Labour


  • Simge Karancı
  • Ayten Kiriş


Social Studies, anti-pirate, copyright, label, patent, invention, barcode, station method


The article includes activities prepared for fighting with piracy within the scope of 6th grade Social Studies class. The main purpose of the study is to teach students concepts like patent, banderole, copyrights, intellectual property rights, barcode, and invention. In parallel with the activities, applications to improve learning skills of the students have been conducted and permanence of learning regarding these concepts have been tried to be ensured. The activities were designed so as to provide active participation of the students by keeping their interest at a high level. The activities aim at rendering students and teacher more productive during the class. At the end of the activities conducted it has been noted that students have become more conscious about and more sensitive toward piracy in their daily life.



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