A Multi-Disciplinary and Inquiry-Based Learning Activity: The Seven Continents


  • Gregory Michael Adam


inquiry, student engagement, collaboration, inquiry-based learning, primary education


This study introduces a learning activity that was designed based on two student-centered approaches to education: inquiry-based learning and multi-disciplinary education. Twenty-four second grade students participated in the study. The activity integrates geography, English, and technology and offers students opportunities for inquiry-based thinking. The goal of the activity is for students to find out what the seven continents are, where they are in the world, and create their own little maps. The students collaboratively explore world maps both in hand and on the interactive board. The extension activity is the area of differentiation and acts as differentiation by outcome. Data analysis revealed that all students met the learning goals. The main area for improvement on this would be to have the students mark their work by looking at a real map of the world instead of a completed version of their worksheet; this would make the assessment more authentic.




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