Which One Is More Beautiful? Creative Arts Versus Stereotyped Art Activities

Zeynep Temiz


This study investigates pre-school education children’s views on product and process of art activities after participating in stereotyped and creative art activities. Evaluation of pre-service teachers who applied these art activities are also within the scope of this study.  Six pre-service teachers and 96 children who attended practicum schools of those teachers participated in this study. Children first engaged in stereotyped art activity, and then a creative art activity was applied. Afterwards children were asked to evaluate the art activities that they experienced. Content analysis is utilized to analyze data. Findings revealed that children’s products in stereotyped activities were almost identical. However, children expressed that they preferred stereotyped art activities.   This preference might be due to the classroom environment that gives more importance to the product rather than the process. Pre-service teachers stated that they liked creative activities more as these activities enable children to initiate their own ideas.


early childhood education, art activities, creativity, pre-service teachers

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